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Free Games and CSGO Skins: 
SteamGifts-User sponsored steam key giveaways.
SteamBitcoins-Steam item and game giveaways. case opening site with daily bonus.(Free Case Opening) case opening site with daily bonus.(Free Case Opening)

FlyingBundle-A single curated bundle every so often., music, and ebook  bundles.
IndieGala-Mulitple bundle options and a free indie game every so often.
HumbleBundle-The OG.
CubicBundle-Another single bundle.
Kinguin-Best deal on steam games and cs go skins, Can also sell your own extra games.

Pro Tips: 
HearthHead-Decks, guides, and tier list for Hearthstone.
Cevo Forums-Complete CS:GO guide.
Nerf Plz-League Of Legends tier list and guides. aim trainer/tester.

Glass: prices on scientific glass, not absurd prices like local stores.
Cheech & Chong™ Glass-Glass from the legends themselves.

NASA’s Eyes-NASA's space app.
Hack This Site!-Learn to hack.
Pronounce a Number-Type any number and get it's pronunciation.
Compound Interest Calculator-Calculate interest returns.
Percent Calculator-Calculate any percentages.
Seriously Facts. Me-Random facts.
TIOBE Software Tiobe Index-Programming languages rankings worldwide.
SACRED SCIENCE INSTITUTE-Through the rabbit hole....
Shopping:'s auction site.
I Waste So Much Money-Go ahead waste some money.
Backyard Brains Store-Become a mad neuroscientist.
Bob Ross - Gifts and T-Shirts-Happy Trees.
Uncrate-Tons of awesome loot.
The Green Head-Find cool new stuff.
Summoner's Thrift-League of legends merchandise.
Foodie Dice-Dice for foodies.

Wallstreet Survivor-Virtual Trading League. opinions.

Randomness is key:
The Awesomer-Need more awesome?
Grouchy Rabbit-Pro tips.
I waste so much time Random-Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted."-John Lennon
CLOP-Drunken horse sim. sounds.
Forgotify-Finds a unheard song on spotify.
My 90's TV!-Watch nineties TV.
Internet Arcade-Play retro arcade games online. Programming.
JoyToKey 5.2.1-Keyboard to controller input app.
LeekSpin-Spinning Leeks.