Mail to Things makes it easier to capture tasks, enables new Workflow and IFTTT actions

Things by Cultured Code is already a beautiful and powerful task manager, and the latest update adds a handy new feature that makes it even more capable when it comes to capturing your tasks. Mail to Things is a new feature that lets you easily and securely create new tasks using email.
Things already supports plenty of ways to capture new tasks including from inside the app, from the app extension in other apps, and even with Siri on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.
Mail to Things enables creating tasks from even more places including Apple Mail which does not support app extensions on iOS. This can be useful for creating new entries from scratch by using the subject line to name your task and the body to add notes. Just save your special Mail to Things email address as a contact for quick entry.
You can also instantly create tasks out of emails by forwarding messages to your special Things address. This is perfect if you tend to use your inbox like a task list but feel overwhelmed by a loaded inbox.