Pythagorean Music Theory

Sacred Geometry of Music:

Further following up on my other blog post about music and it’s effects, I found this today
which corresponded almost exactly with what I was trying to get across.. the healing aspect of music.  Pythagorean Harmonic Music Interval Diagram showing Perfect Numerical Ratios appearing through Music
Pythagoras used various intervals of harmonic ratios as a medicine for diseases of the body, the emotions and the Soul. He aligned Souls to their divine nature and through music he performed what he called, “Soul Adjustments”. Pythagoras was able to discern the harmony and consonance of heavenly bodies, the “Music of the Spheres”, and put to use his discovery of mathematics as they relate to the harmonic ratios. He made stringed instruments that could be tuned so that they would consistently produce layered consonant musical intervals. Later Pythagoras calculated other chromatic and enharmonic orders, (using simple ratios to create complex intervals). He recognized that music was an expression of “Harmonia”, the Divine principle that brings order to chaos and discord. Thus music has a dual value because like mathematics, it enables humans to see into the structures of nature.
Pythagoras taught that if it was utilized correctly, music can:
a) bring the faculties of the Soul into harmony 

b) compose and purify the mind

c) heal the physical body, thus restoring and maintaining perfect health.
One of his most important discoveries was that harmonic musical intervals could be expressed by perfect numerical ratios, a finding that led him to the realization that all sensible phenomena follow the pattern of number. Pythagoras said the first important lesson to learn, is that which subsists through music, for it possesses remedies of human manners and passions that is able to restore pristine harmony and faculties of the soul.
The more immediate, evident, and undeniable evidence of the influence of Number on our (mental, psychic, emotional) state is through the medium of music. Pythagorean philosophy is a “purification”, the aim of which is the assimilation to God. The universe is divine because of its order (kosmos), harmonies and symmetries it contains and reflects. These principles make the universe divine for they are the characteristics of divinity and so they also innately subsist within the human soul. The Pythagoreans taught that the soul is a harmony. If we are to become like God, then according to Pythagorean philosophy the soul must become aware of its harmonic origin. According to Pythagoras, all harmony and order is the divine principle of number, and for them, mathematical studies are the contemplation of divine principles.