Projects to Present:

Investing, Contracting & General
  • Multi-family, Abilene, Texas
  • Make Ready & Commercial Cleaning Services, Huntsville, Texas
  • Consulting, 83 acre development, Riverside, Texas
  • Consulting, 12 property purchase, Houston, Texas
  • 9 Parcels land, Huntsville, Texas
  • Star Video, Huntsville, Texas
  • Real Properties (acquisition, rehab, disposition), Brazoria County & surrounding
  • Real Properties, Redevelopment, in partnership, Brazoria County, Texas
  • Accredited Investing
  • Texas Home One Internet following of over 40k per month 2001 - 2006
  • Restorative Painting & Construction
  • Private Mortgage Notes, Origination
  • Private Mortgage Notes, Packaging & Sales
  • Commercial Brokerage, Nationwide
  • Multi-Family, Austin, Texas
  • Music
  • Production
  • Hospitality 
  • Consulting and Contracting, Multi-family, Austin, Texas
  • Publishing
  • Gaming
  • Software Engineering
  • US Army
  • Non-profit blogs with a following of over 20k per month 
  • Phipps Library and Preservation - Over 9,000 digitized old and rare books, scholarly papers and periodicals curated on a volunteer basis by Jesse A. Phipps
  • Social, medical, educational, political, non-profit and charitable activism
  • Philanthropic deep learning
Research and Development
  • Miscellaneous deep learning
  • Transform+ Project

Military Service
Danny W. Phipps 1st Cavalry

Star Video
Christmas at Star Video 1995. 

Phipps Properties
Sherry Webb Phipps, Phipps Properties, Texas Home One.  1992 - 2009

Bobby Reed's Lake Theater
In 1999, Bobby Reed and Sherry Webb Phipps met and formed a real estate investment partnership to rehabilitate over 200 single family and multi-family homes. One of the best things that happened in connection to that partnership was Bobby and Carolyn Reed's purchase and restoration of The Lake Theater in Lake Jackson, Texas.  It was Bobby's dream and labor of love for his community to restore this beloved and historic old theater and provide family entertainment for the area. Bobby and Carolyn beautifully captured the old theater's charm when they converted it to a live entertainment venue. They opened in April 2000. The Lake Theater has now been a favorite Friday and Saturday night gathering place of friends and family for five generations.  Such a beautiful experience!  We are thankful for the memories of The Lake and to Bobby Reed for being such a great entertainer, mentor and partner.  Today, Bobby still hosts reunion shows featuring favorite musicians from the The Lake Theater run that lasted from 2000 until 2006.  

A performance at the Lake Theater:
Performed live by Mariah at the age of 12 at the Lake Theater in Lake Jackson, Texas with accompaniment by the Lake Theater house band, "Hello Texas."

Lake Theater Lake Jackson

Crohn's Disease Cure

Crohn's Disease Cure was a patient advocacy group and website published by Sherry Webb Phipps from 2002 to 2012.   

Transform Plus Project

Transform +: A study of algorithms
  • Started 2010 - Completed 2017
  • Over 9 million lines of code written
  • 9,488 tests performed over 250,000+ computer hours
  • Over 100,000 volunteer man hours of research, testing, programming and support.


Danny W. Phipps and Sherry W. Phipps, Danny and Sherry Phipps

Jake Phipps

Jesse A. Phipps